Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In memory of Domitille...

Well, i'm grieving this evening...

Nothing very serious for the ones who don't love dolls...
Let me explain: i was experimenting with new techniques recently, enjoying myself very much with them and loved the new doll i was making!
At some point i noticed that something went wrong, but thought i'll manage to fix it, i loved the doll so much i had to be able to fix it!
I carried on with Domitille, as she already had a name, and kept loving her...but i loved her so much that she cracked and i never managed to fix it...

So here is Domitille, broken doll who will rest for the rest of my life on my window sill...


  1. Very tender ! I have made a bad drauwing when i was 13 years, but I keep it in my tresor box !

  2. I feel your doll is not perfect. Poor!!!

    A greeting

  3. Domitille , c'est un super joli nom!
    En fait, je suis certaine que c'est un subterfuge pour ne pas être séparée de toi.