Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Heard some noise...

I heard some noise in the garden...

I went outside and how surprised i was when i saw that a bunch of fairies had thrown a party!!

I guess you can finally meet Hazel and her friends! :)

J'ai entendu du bruit dans mon jardin...

Je suis allée voir dehors ce qui se passait et j'avoue avoir été surprise de voir ce petit groupe de fées en train de faire la fête!

J'imagine que vous pouvez enfin faire la connaissance d'Hazel et de ses amies! ;)

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fairy Good News! :)

Hello, hello everyone!!

I am really excited today as i have some Very-Fairy good news!

Let me explain! I was looking at the flowers when something caught my eyes, a tiny letter (yes because the flower is tiny too! Everything is tiny in my house! ;) )

Bonjour tout le monde!!

Voilà, j'ai une bonne nouvelle à vous annoncer, je vous explique!! :)
Tout à l'heure alors que je regardais ma mini-orchidée, j'ai trouvé une toute petite lettre à l'intention de la "fabricante de fées, dans la petite maison" (oui parce qu'en plus d'avoir une mini-orchidée, je vis dans une toute petite maison, c'est d'ailleurs pour ça que je crée de petites fées! ;) )

I looked closely and read on the envelopp "To the Fairy Maker in the Tiny House"....
Who could that be?

And this is what i read:

Et voici ce que j'y ai lu:

"Salut l'humain!
Mes amis et moi emménageons dans le coin, pourrais-tu nous aider à nous y installer? :)
Hazel la fée et ses amis!"

I guess i am on a mission now, to get everything ready for Hazel and co! Stay tuned for some fairy good news! :)

J'imagine que je dois remplir ma mission et tout préparer pour l'arrivée d'Hazel et compagnie, repassez par ici pour en savoir plus! ;)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

In my head...

...there is a whole world, there is a beautiful forest. In that forest live lots of funny and magical creatures: fairies, pixies, hedgehogs, foxes, owls and the list goes on and on...
  It's a place that sometimes i feel like keeping for myself just because it's my world, but i can't help sharing it because i like telling stories. But recently i haven't been telling much stories and i am missing it, so what about inviting you to my imaginary world through this blog? i would love to avoid social networks, it can be fun, but we lost something through them too.

  So, first step into this little forest...which is called Ogden (i think i might have mentionned it in the past), Ogden is an old english name that means "valley of oaks", for me there isn't a better name for a forest, as oaks are very significant ancient trees. What you don't see, under their roots and inside the trees, are hundreds and hundreds of fairies who keep their tiny babies warm and safe. Those little babies are always cuddling up with a little cloth inside the shell of a hazelnut...they are absolutely adorable, and are rocked to sleep with the sound of the little bell attached to their hat.

If you don't mind being very quiet, you can take a little look at them, please don't wake them, in winter the babies need to sleep a lot, lot, lot, so shhhh....

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter Princess

The air is getting colder and the Winter Princess is already out in the woods, carrying a key to open the gate of Winter to let the season starts and create its own magic....

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Break

Reading, drinking tea, playing cards with a Woodland Pixie...a normal sunday really...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Like a Fairy....

   Feeling like a fairy today...The air is getting more fresh, i'm going to make some tea to warm up my hands on the cup and then i will make some dolls to prepare the Doll Show that will take place in La Rochelle (France) in December.