Monday, 18 April 2011


Oh, i have spent so much time on Faustine that i can't concentrate enough to write her a proper story! :(

I made a special effort in her dress, playing with the old black lace that i bought last summer. It was in a lovely little french village where there was the annual brocante. I turned up very late as i didn't even know there was one and most people were going home when i saw that lady with a huge table of old lace and embroideries. She made my day! :)

So here is Faustine, a doll who probably belongs to another era and who is surely listening to the birds singing and day dreaming...


  1. Faustine spends her day doing exactly what I do! lol!
    Sheis beautiful Alicia.

    C'est adorable cette histoire de brocante. A croire que cette dame t'attendait.

  2. Elle est très jolie!!! Je suis fan!

  3. elle est superbe faustine bravo c est un peu une mini toi

  4. Elle est très jolie et ces dentelles sont une histoire à elles seules ! j'aime beaucoup !

  5. c'est elle adorable...j'admire vraiment ton talent Alicia !!

  6. Quand est ce que tu nous fait Coquelicot?

  7. These dolls are wonderfull. I really like your blog!!!

    A greeting