Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hi everyone,

it's been a long time since i wrote something here, as usual busy...but i'm missing a bit the blog, which almost seems like a secret place when you compare it to Facebook where it all happens.

At the moment i'm in the mood for magic, woods and fairies...i left all this far too long and it's kind of calling me again and it's a great time for me to meet the fairy world again, as autumn is approaching and that is for sure my favourite season. I love the build up to Haloween and Christmas, both magical moments to me.

From now on, i'd like to take you with me in an other imaginary world...a world where simple things matter...

For the first time this year i tried to do a vegetable patch in my garden, as it is very small i could'nt grow much and the weather has been so bad that all my cherry tomatoes got some kind of disease, they all went black. Thankfully we managed to get few cucumbers, and at last a kind of pumpkin is finally growing. Hazelnuts are falling of the tree, so i've been picking them up. Simple things like this are just priceless! i never get bored of this, like i never get bored of watching birds eating seeds in my garden in winter.

Next week, where i live, there will be some kind of fair in a castle, it's known for the fairytale art spread everywhere in the gardens, i'm sure it will be a magical moment so i'll take some pictures to share with you.

So, as is said, being back in the fairy world, i'd like to introduce you to the Secret Fairy who always carries a key....i just let you imagine which door this key opens.......


  1. Your magic world is wonderful. A fairytale I live here. The doll is very cute and sweet. Facebook is good, but blogs are best. Blogs have most magic and intimacy too.

    As usual, I hope that you understand my bad English.

    Be happy in your magic and misterious world.