Tuesday, 12 June 2012

London my love...

Ok i confess i have a love affair with London...i thought this was only a love story with London from UK, but it seems that i'm also attracted to another London city! It's a last minute project i'm part of and it's called "Dollirium, Art Doll Emporium". This is an exhibition that will take place in Ontario from Sunday July 8th until September 2nd. My dolls will be presented amongst other international artists. I suggest you read more information about this exhibition on the Facebook page

But when i say i have a love affair with London, i really do and my dolls will be travelling again to London but in the UK this time! As i already said on the blog, i used to sell my work in Camden Market few years ago, and i have been missing it soooo badly that i had to plan a day to come back with the dolls! So i'll be up early in the morning to get a stall on Saturday, June 30th! If there is any Londoners wandering on this blog, i'll be quite happy to meet you! (I'm a bit shy, so if i blush don't worry! haha)

So, yes i LOVE London!!


  1. Oooh, how exciting! I hope you get to see some photos that you can share!
    Erica xxx


  2. Never went to London but would love too! Will have to make it soon, it's only an 1h30 from Brussels!