Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bunny Girl and a loopy time!

Hello everyone!

At last i'm taking some time to give you a bit of news! i have been quite busy lately, as you know i'm getting ready for my first dolls show in less than 3 weeks now.
I have to admit that i really start to stress now, although i like my dolls to have raw finishing touches, i keep thinking they will look too tatty amongst the beautiful creations that will be at the dolls show! Aaargggh!
That's probably just my opinion, but it seems that in France, dolls are mainly "neat and pretty", i don't know if you know what i mean...and i don't know if i'm right or not!

To be honest i think these dolls are gorgeous but with mine i love to make them like if they'd been found in an old attic, handmade by an old woman and her grand-daughter with what they had in their sewing basket!

Yes i do go a bit loopy with my imagination when i make a doll, i don't just think about their story or their character but i also think of the story of the person who would have made them.
I jump back in time, i picture a cute little cottage, with flowery wallpaper, the nice smell of a cake just baked floating in the air and some warm tea on the table! Then i imagine this old woman showing her grand-daughter how to basicaly sew some bits of fabric and lace on a quite primitive doll.
I could talk about them two for hours but unfortunately i don't really have much time and you might not want to know anyway!! hehe!!

Oh my god, i'm so anxious!!! Showing your work is like showing a big part of yourself, good and bad comments about it really have a strong impact on yourself!

So let's take a deep breath, a cup of tea and let's get on with it!! Thank you for reading me, it felt good to let it all out! haha!

Have a great day!! :)


  1. Ne stresse pas, je suis sûre que ça va très bien se passer! Ce n'est pas grave si tes poupées ne sont pas "neat", c'est ce qui fait leur charme, et ton style!

  2. I don't think you have to worry about getting any bad comments at the show - all your dolls are beautiful and it's the raw edges and 'found in the attic' look that makes them so curious, unique and beautiful, they should stand out amongst the crowd, in a good way! Good luck! We'd love to see some photos! :) ♥

  3. I love your bunny girl and I can't imagine the stress you must be under. Just remember that your dollies are unique and beautiful and will definitely touch the hearts of others. I'm sending you the best wishes for the show and I hope you will take lots of pictures for us to see.
    Warm wishes,

  4. I love your dolls!! they are original and so uniquely you Alicia!! i love my doll and i get lot's of compliments on her all the time!!do not stress you are a superstar....Lisa forseth

  5. Dear Alicia,

    good luck with your show, I'm very sure you don't need it! Your work is adorable and so wonderful :) I have posted your mouse doll this morning, I'm so sorry for the slight delay, last week was very difficult, (I had to take my little girl to hospital) but all is okay now. I look forward to seeing photos from the show! Bisous, Erica xxx

  6. My dear Alicia

    I love your dolls too, I love the way they look and I am sure that your dolls will be very very well welcomed on the show coming. Don't doubt about yourself. You will always have all the support from us, the one who adopted with love your marvellous dolls.

  7. Thanks to you all for your lovely words, they mean a lot to me and they are very precious in moments of doubt!
    So thanks to you all and i hope the end of year will be magical for you! ♥