Monday, 24 October 2011


I took a little break from dollmaking just to make some tiny fairy figurines, i used to make a lot them until i started dolls.
I was selling them in Camden Market in London over 6 years ago, it was a lot of fun and i met very nice people over there!

I also sold them in a tiny gorgeous village in the south of France....anyway the little fairies just brought back memories and it was nice to make some again, but as i said this was just a break as i'm now preparing a doll show which will take place in La Rochelle (a pretty town by the sea!) on december the 4th. I'm really looking forward to it as this will be the first time i will show my work amongst over dolls and teddy bears artists.


  1. You have a lovely place here! I am so very glad that I discovered your blog!
    Have a Wonderful day!

  2. I almost forgot to tell you how sweet your little fairies are! So delicate... :-)