Saturday, 27 August 2011

Back to School!

Yes summer holidays are now over, but all seasons have their nice sides and every year i'm really happy to get ready for autumn, my favorite season! I know we still have few more weeks of summer to enjoy but i can't help it when school time is coming i think of all the nice things that autumn brings!
I live in a "wine making" area so very soon people will start picking up grapes, it will smell lovely around the vineyards, the colours will be very pretty too! We will go mushrooms picking and will make pumpkin soup! Can't wait!

Anyway, this is a little picture of one my dolls in progress, this one will be called Léontine and as you can see she will be wearing a very cute pair of glasses! Yes, even dolls go back to school very soon! ;)


  1. Oh, you are so right! Autumn is my favourite season too Alicia.

    It is lovely and cool and the bright colours just warm up my heart.
    Your doll's WIP intrigues me. Love the glasses!

  2. PS: pourquoi je t'écris en Anglais déjà?????