Monday, 2 April 2012


Pffew this blog is slowly dying....let's wake it up! It's Spring time!!!!!

So you remember all my blabla about Real Life? Well that was/is important but i can't fight against myself as i baaaadly need to create and make things (otherwise i'll be slowly dying at the same pace as my blog!).

Today was kind of a little break for me so i took my sketch book and did some doodling (here is one of them) and just that felt so great! Then i started to think (something that i already knew anyway) that i really can't do anything else in life than a creative and artistic job! Oh obviously Art rarely goes well with money, but when i see where it leads some people, i'd rather have just what i need to survive...

...which means i'm back to Dreamland, hello Folks! :)
I moved again my workspace in the house, that is the third time within a year! I'm chasing the light you see, i nearly move with the seasons...that is typically me! Get bored of things and places too quickly so i keep changing (never got bored of art though!).

Tomorrow i'll be making something new (something blue..haha), if i'm happy about it, i'll show you a WIP picture!! ;)


  1. Lol pour le nouveau déménagement de ton atelier!
    Dommage que ton essai dans le "monde du travail classique" ne soit pas bien terminé... Mais ce n'était sûrement pas du temps perdu. J'ai hâte de voir tes nouvelles créations. Biz!

  2. :-)

    It's good to see you back. Looking forward to seeing some more creations, I love your little doodle, it's so sweet.

  3. Hi Alicia~ I'm Kim, from Bonne Nuit Designs art dolls/dioramas/sculptures/faerie tale worlds, visiting you for the first time. Welcome back to Dreamland (I so understand the push and pull between Real Life and the Creative World.). I wish you well---it does seem important to be trying to be where you belong. I struggle a lot with the money part, too, but I'm still here : ) I love that you moved your workspace. I move things around a lot too, for rejuvenations and inspirations : )
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Best, Kim

  4. wow,trop joli ce repasserai par ici très vite!