Friday, 9 September 2011

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I'm terribly greedy and i love baking cakes!

I remember the first time i "discovered" cake decorating, it was over six years ago and i was living in London, and every week-ends i was going away with my boyfriend in the countryside or in the towns nearby, so one sunday we went to Oxford and i saw some gorgeous cakes in a little shop and i thought "this is what i want to do"....but then i was expecting my first baby and i carried on making fairy figurines and then dolls!
But I think cake decorating is calling me again, i think wedding cakes are just gorgeous and some can be a real masterpiece!
I was supposed to start a course this year, but i'm pushing it again for next year until my little girl starts school!
Yes it looks like i will start this course 6 years and two children after i first discoverd Sugarcraft and cake just have to be patient sometimes!

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  1. i love baking cakes too you will do great at it!! cheers lisa