Thursday, 2 June 2011


Some people might think it's quite a dark idea but i found the "Virgin Suicides" girls so beautiful that i have to make the dolls...i like mysterious things, i also like to make mysterious dolls, i think it is a good way to push away bad feelings and scary thoughts...


  1. It is a very good idea to do these dolls .... a tribute to the life and the light .... Nobody talked about the adolescence like Sofia Coppola did... the point of view comes from the boys ( they are men, married and talked about this past , these girls) and it touched me deeply when i did hear what they said at the very end of the movie " the puzzle " .... " we need the pieces to end the puzzle,to understand it, anyway we will never understand " ..... It is a masterpiece .... :) Aude

  2. Ah this film is so inspiring and beautiful as you said it...maybe a bit dark, but we love this!