Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fairies wear Wellies!!!

Yes Fairies wear Wellies and Smurf tights!! I'm having fun today and i'm not afraid of looking we say in french, it doesn't kill!! :)
As well as making dolls i'm really enjoying making accessories at the moment...accessories for big and young fairies! I have put few brooches and bracelets in my Dawanda shop and just added that flowery crown few minutes ago (they will be more to come)!

I'm off now..i have few more dolls to finish and then i'll have tea on a toadstool with a rabbit (i'll show you the rabbit next time!) !

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (yes i'm in a good cheesy mood today!!)

ps: oops i was going to forget, there is 12% discount on the dolls today on Dawanda for the "Spring Fling"! ;)


  1. wouaou...super la photo demoiselle la fée !! Merci de ta petite visite chez moi...Belle semaine

  2. Comme Fibuline, waou!!! ça fait vraiment longtemps que je ne suis pas venue chez toi, quelle transformation! J'adore!!! On dirait qu'un arc-en-ciel t'es tombé dessus! :)