Friday, 24 September 2010


It seems like i've left this blog aside for far too long!!
I have been quite busy recently and made the decision to go back to university after....pfff a very long time!! And honestly i start thinking it was a crazy idea!! I am under mountains of work to keep up and catch up so this is why i have done a "doll-making break"! But i'm missing the clay, fabrics and laces far too much!
So this week-end i'm going to be creative again!
Recently i have found some lovely treasures, i bought lots of keys in a brocante and some of them have been made under Napoleon, i would love to make something with them!
And yesterday, as i was walking on the river side next to the uni (wondering why i was studying again!), i found these lovely acorns hats which i think little fairies should wear! Autumn is here now and always very inspiring to me...
So i'm really hoping to show you some new dolls by the end of next week!
Have a great week-end!!


  1. Hi Alicia,

    You sound like a busy girl! Hope you have fun creating on the weekend!

  2. I so no what that is like to go back to school, but you will be happy you did
    hope you can find time to create your lovely dolls
    Have a happy weekend

  3. I love finding new things myself...I bet in france you have lots of fantastic places to go to! I love your new background is so cute

  4. Thank you all for your little words!
    Brenda: you can find some lovely things in brocantes in France, but where i live we're definitely missing charity and second hand shops which are great to find little treasures!

  5. I´m sure you will find the time to go to the university and continue with your wonderful creations. Can´t wait to see you new lovely dollies!