Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Mad Tea Party!!!!!!

A Fanciful Twist threw a party today, and the dolls have been invited...let me explain how it all began...

A lovely flying lady heard the news and told the Butterflies Secrets Keeper who were resting in their cotton nest...

They kept the secret so well that the flying lady had to tell the Roses Fairies who were getting their petals dress ready...

Well it's a good thing that fairies are very chatty, they spread the news and the dolls met for tea...
I know what you're thinking!! It doesn't really look like a Mad Tea Party!! No, not on these pictures, but when the night came, the dolls invited fireflies to create a crazy light in the sky, few musicians played a lively music! Actually they are already on the picture, but you might not see them, they are little fleas and they are quite hard to spot in the grass!
A couple of clown gnomes played some tricks and a famous white rabbit proposed to play Hide & Seek!


  1. So cute, love your dolls, I'm a big fan
    Looks so green and pretty where you live, no wonder the flower fairies like it!
    Thank you for the invite to your tea party
    your fairy friend

  2. SO SWEET!!! Beautiful doll. check out my party...I'm having a Art Doll giveaway of sorts..

  3. A lovely day and so glad the fireflies were able to join!

  4. How adorable. Very cute tea party!

  5. Wheeeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeeee!
    J'adore tes petites fées des roses! et la jolie rouquine.
    C'est trop adorable Alicia!
    Gros bisous.

  6. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    What beautiful dolls!

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  7. what a lovely party, your dolls are beautiful.

  8. what lovely guests your dolls make!
    splendid party. thanks so much for the tea!

    Have a madly spectacular day!

  9. Oh, your dolls are delightful! I enjoyed this party SO much. Thank you for inviting me, and may I extend the same invitation to you and your dolls for tea? My friends and I would be delighted!

    Hoping your day is positively mad with fun!


    Sheila :-)

  10. What beautiful guests you had at your tea! Thank you so much for letting Sam and I attend!

  11. Oh your dolls are so delightful! I LOVE the way you box them up. Quite the talented doll maker you are. **blows kisses** Deb

  12. Great tea Alicia, as noted on FB and thanks for joining the Fürsts too, in their alter-egos :) Take care!

  13. What a lovely Tea Party!
    Thank-You for having me.

  14. Your dolls are incredible and you have a way with words! Magical and delightful! So pleased to make your acquaintance on this happiest of Tea Party days! Jenn

  15. Your dolls are so sweet. Thank you for having me over for tea. I hope you will stop by and join me for some tea as well.

  16. What a lovely tea party! Your dolls are magical and beautiful! Thank you for having me over...and please come by and have tea with me too....

  17. What a delightful tea party with all those sweet dolls. Thanks for having me to tea. I hope you'll stop by for a cup of tea with me. ~ Sarah

  18. I enjoyed getting to meet you and see your beautiful dolls. Thank you for inviting me to your tea party. Have a great weekend! Twyla

  19. Beautiful! Who says it doesnt look like a tea party?
    {off with their heads!}
    :-) Your dolls are delicious confections of magic and light
    I say again, beautiful!
    Have a lovely wondermous day!~~*~~
    xoxox Rhonda roo

  20. Love, Love, Love your little dolls!
    What an enchanting tea party!
    Thanks so much for having us, Zuni and I had a wonderful time! If you get a chance, do drop by for a visit!

  21. Oh Alicia...your art is so delicate and sweet. I can't turn away from them. The dolls are so lovingly made. I will be back again and again so that I can decide which of the little sprites I want to purchase for my very own.... Thanks you for the enchanting tea party.

  22. Hi Alicia, What a beautiful tea party and your dolls are so beautiful. I loved the story especially the musical fleas, so cute!

    Thank you so much for visiting my Hauntingly Mad Tea Party!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  23. What a wonderful tea party. I really enjoyed everything including the musical flea band!
    Please come by for a spot of tea when you get a chance at
    Thank you for all the fun,

  24. Oh so lovely...your little fairies are beyond delightful...thankyou so much for having me - it was quite simply magical x

  25. A pleasure to visit you again this time in English :-) I adore the Rose Fairies.

  26. Excuse me for being so fashionably late...I hope you will not be irate. Your tea party was fun - it shined like the sun! BEAUTIFUL dolls!!!! Your work is amazing. :) If you have not already done so, I'd be honored if you would sit a spell with me~for tea...
    Sincerely, Theresa (aka The White Queen)

  27. Happy Tea Party to you and you and you!

    Your dolls are quite lovely

  28. Thank you for hosting a tea party!
    Come visit my party post for a chance to win.
    Enjoy the day!

  29. Fabulous tea party and the dolls are gorgeous!! Love the rose petal skirts! Thanks for the wonderful treats!
    Come by mine if you have time?

  30. Your dolls are absolutely darling..I cant take my eyes off the brunette one's face! Hope you are enjoying the party..I think it;ll be going on all week:)

  31. Thanks ever so much for sharing your sweet Little Mad Tea Time with me. (I loved the tiny
    Anyway, if you can get the chance, please do come and visit me for some more mad tea, in the Secret Enchanted Forest, at:

  32. Thank you for having me over to tea! I really love your dolls!

  33. Hi I have to say that your tea party was very elegant. I had a wonderful time meeting all of your guests. They were all happy and friendly. Your tea and sweets were amazing. I hope that you will have the time to stop in at my party. thank you for sharing.

  34. Amazing party! Your dolls are fabulous! So happy to have been here!
    We've been partying for a week now! It's so much fun!

  35. Alicia You Are the Winner!
    Please select a print from the Mad Tea Party post on
    then email me at with your address and your selection. Congratulations!
    So happy to have met you! Elizabeth.

  36. I'm late coming to tea, but I so enjoyed your party! Your dolls are absolutely beautiful.

    It's very nice to meet you, Alicia. Please do stop by and have tea with my Teddy Bears, if you get a chance...