Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tea Time & Little Pretty Things....

Photo: Gary Medlicott

Hello there!

I'm back from London! It's funny, i used to live there and go back as often as i could, but my last visit did something special to me: i came back feeling more creative, inspired and i mainly realised that small and pretty things (that i own or not,) are just what i need to make me happy. I bought a little journal while i was in Portobello flea market and started to write down a little list of pretty words or things i loved... I suddenly felt like going to the nearest park to set a blanket on the grass to have tea and eat fairycakes with my dolls. It really does sound childish, especially when you are a mother, but it seems that i absolutely can't grow up and love doing this kind of thing, is it that bad doctor??
Well, luckily for me i have a great partner who just loves who i am and what i do even if dolls are not his things!! ha, really?!!
But he's just an amazing person, one of the rare one who perfectly understands what means a lot to me. One of the rare person who doesn't laugh at my childish and crazy ideas...

Anyway, i'm back home, day-dreaming a lot, starting new dolls and praying for the week-end to have a warm sunshine for a little Tea Party in the park (until i have my own garden!).

I'll be back soon with new little dolls to introduce you, until then, have a great time doing what makes you truely happy, who cares about what some random people think about you?? Personnaly i've decided to not care anymore...


  1. My dear Alicia, it is so good to read this. You suffer from a syndrom called The Peter Pan syndrom! I know it well as I suffer from it too!
    Il n'y a rien de plus génial que de vivre avec quelqu'un qui comprend.N'est ce pas?

    Amuse toi bien avec tes poupées.Si tu vois un papillon, pense à moi!je l'ai envoyé pour jouer à la poupée avec toi.


  2. Merci pour le petit papillon, j'en ai croisé un dernièrement :)

  3. Happy Memorial Day Friend! I adore your blog & I'm so glad I found you. I look forward to following you through life's adventures!